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With Martinborough at our front door step, and Marlborough just a stone’s throw away, the Wharekauhau cellar is nothing short of an outstanding selection of wine and craft beer.


Wharekauhau is proud to present a generous selection of top New Zealand wines. Apart from some sparkling and fortified products, the Wharekauhau cellar boasts a quintessential collection of New Zealand’s most iconic labels, and a stunning array of wines produced by some of the most passionate and talented viticulturists and winemakers in the world.

We are pleased to be able to showcase wines produced locally. After all, Martinborough did blaze the way for Pinot Noir in New Zealand. Pinot Noir, however, is only a part of the local story. A number of white varietals excel here, and despite the cooler climate, Martinborough often offers up Cabernet blends of great integrity and beauty.

We are in a privileged position to be able to lean on our local friends in the wine industry to ensure there is a bountiful supply of past vintages; vintages rarely found outside of the producing vineyards library store.

Each night our resident sommelier matches wines with the menu. Feel free to personally ask him about the process taken to find the perfect partner for any meal that our chefs prepare.

Foley Family Wines New Zealand began in 2007 when Wharekauhau's owner, Bill Foley purchased the New Zealand Wine Fund, acquiring renowned Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc producer, Vavasour. Just two years later, Bill set his sights in the Martinborough region and purchased Te Kairanga..In 2012 Foley Family Wines New Zealand merged with the New Zealand Wine Company adding Grove Mill to their portfolio of fine wine producers. In 2014 Martinborough Vineyards was added to the family. The goal of each of Bill’s properties is to have our winemakers produce handmade, delicious wines that capture the character of the varietal and the personality of the site. Vavasour, Te Kairanga, Grove Mill and Martinborough Vineyard.


Our beer list features a selection of outstanding New Zealand Lagers, Ales, Dark Beer, and refreshing Ciders. Almost all options available are produced by ‘boutique’ micro-brewing companies, a new breed of small operators who are dedicated to crafting products of great flavour and integrity. Not dissimilar to the philosophies and processes of successful local wineries.


All water used at Wharekauhau comes from our own underground fresh water springs. It is naturally filtered underground for thousands of years before making its way to the surface on the estate. Because it is so pure and balanced naturally with trace elements we are proud to be home to some of the worlds finest water.